Leveraging automation to improve metalab's sales team workflow

MetaLab is a top-tier interface design agency that has worked with some of the biggest names, like Slack, Tinder, Google, and Uber. They’re known for delivering exceptional solutions, but even the best companies sometimes need a little support to streamline their processes and reduce human error.


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MetaLab came to us with a mission: they needed to streamline their sales process, reduce human errors, and boost team efficiency. Their existing setup wasn’t cutting it anymore, and they needed a robust automation system that could seamlessly integrate data across seven key business apps: Notion, Slack, Airtable, Copper, Smartsheet, Google Drive, and Zapier.

Our Approach: Strategy, Implementation, Documentation.

Automation audit

First things first, we needed to fully understand MetaLab’s requirements. We audited their workflows and studied how they used each app. Once we had a clear picture, we sat down with the MetaLab team for a brainstorming session.

Together, we mapped out a new, comprehensive workflow and figured out the best app for each specific task. This part was about collaboration and ensuring everyone was on the same page.

To visualize everything, we used Miro. It helped us see how each app connected with the others and pinpoint the steps where we could introduce automation.

With the audit phase done, it was time to outline how we could improve their work with the help of automation. Based on how MetaLab worked, we divided our implementation into stages from 10% to 100%, similar to their sales workflow.


When a lead comes in, it gets introduced and synced across MetaLab's main apps. Notion serves as their primary source of truth, capturing all essential information. Google Drive is used to add and organize specific documents related to the lead. Slack sends notifications to the right people, ensuring everyone stays informed. Airtable syncs its database with Notion, keeping everything up-to-date and cohesive. Additionally, Cooper allows the sales team to see the entire leads and sales pipeline, giving them a clear overview of their progress and opportunities.

At this stage, the sales team primarily interacts with the lead. The main goal of the automation here is to ensure data synchronization across all their apps, such as Cooper, Notion, and Airtable, whenever an update is made in any of them.

At this stage, the lead shows potential for MetaLab. Automated notifications are sent from Cooper to Slack, instantly alerting the team and syncing updates across Notion, Cooper, and Airtable.

In this phase, similar to the previous one, updates in any app are automatically synchronized with the others. This avoids information silos and ensures everyone has access to the most updated information. Additionally, new documents like SOWs were created automatically and stored in the correct client folder in Google Drive.

Once a lead is closed, additional items are created, including a project page in Notion with the sales handoff brief, a new Slack channel for the project, and the correct leader and team members added to the channel. Tracking of the contract signature has also been initiated.

Empowering the team with ongoing support and documentation

We understood that ongoing support and regular updates were essential to help MetaLab make the most of its new automation system. Our goal wasn't just to hand over a manual and walk away. We aimed to empower MetaLab's team to take full ownership of their new system by creating user-friendly documentation and offering continuous support through Slack, ensuring they could confidently navigate this new workflow.

”Optemization is any Operations team's secret superpower. They help our teams work smarter, not harder.”

”Optemization is any Operations team's secret superpower. They help our teams work smarter, not harder.”

Justin Watt

Former Director of Operations, Metalab

Ready to scale

MetaLab now has a sales process that’s ready to scale, supporting their team’s efforts and the company’s growth on both national and international levels. The improved workflows, automated systems, and organized workspace mean they can handle more leads without missing a beat.

Are you looking to streamline your sales automation workflows? Let’s chat about your organization and how we can create the best systems tailored to how your team works.

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