From good to great — how we helped Lempire improve their OKR and Project management in Notion

Lempire is a dynamic software development company based in Paris, France. Their team is comprised of passionate and curious individuals dedicated to creating top-notch products to help entrepreneurs grow successful businesses.


Paris, Île-de-France




Software Development


$20 M per year

Company size



Guided by their mantra, "Do things that you shouldn't," they constantly push boundaries to seek innovative solutions. Because of this forward-thinking mindset, they sought our help to improve their Notion workspace and OKR tracking system. Their existing setup was good but didn't meet their evolving needs.

Our Approach: Strategy, Implementation, Documentation.

Workspace audit

We began with a meticulous audit of Lempire's Notion usage, a collaborative effort that involved examining their workflows in Notion and exploring opportunities to improve their OKR system. We also engaged in insightful discussions with key team members, ensuring their perspectives were integral to the process.

With this understanding, we sketched out their new OKR system in Miro. Having already immersed ourselves in their work culture, we took the time to evaluate the best solution so this new system would fit seamlessly into their current workspace and routine.

Simon and Lucille from Lempire told us that their goal was not only to build something functional, but also to create a space where everyone could visualize all their OKRs, ensuring the whole company stayed up-to-date with what each team was working on. By doing all this in Notion, which already served as their knowledge management and project workspace, we avoided the complexity of juggling multiple tools by integrating everything into their existing tool stack.

After eight weeks of working closely with our team at Optemization, everyone at Lempire had access to the company objectives and projects. Each team member also had a personal dashboard where they could update their key results and track their task progress. This setup was incredibly useful for tracking individual impact and staying on top of goals throughout the quarter.

Once the new OKR structure was set up in Notion, we knew proper training and documentation were crucial. We created a demo to explain the new setup to Lempire’s team. This demo covered every aspect of the system, ensuring everyone knew how to use it effectively. We also made written documentation that was clear, easy to follow, and accessible to everyone. Additionally, we provided ongoing support with regular check-ins and were always available to answer questions or offer extra training.

Optemization enhanced our OKR and PM workflows in Notion, adapting to our rapid growth without needing new tools. Their standout consultation services come highly recommended.

Optemization enhanced our OKR and PM workflows in Notion, adapting to our rapid growth without needing new tools. Their standout consultation services come highly recommended.

Lucille Rabaux

People & Operations Manager, Lempire

The Result: Enhanced efficiency and clarity

The result? Lempire now has a Notion workspace that’s more organized, efficient, and tailored to their needs. The new OKR system and revamped workspace have streamlined their workflows and made it easier for everyone to stay on top of their goals and do what they do best—building world-class products and supporting entrepreneurs.

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