How to save money and time with automation


Feb 17, 2023


Feb 17, 2023


Automation and AI are changing the way workers and businesses view their jobs, making it more convenient and accessible for employees.  With more than half of the world's online activity now coming from mobile devices, technology is making it easier for people to engage with their work and strike a better work-life balance. Although it's difficult to determine the exact amount a company can save by automating its business processes, studies such as WorkMarket's 2020 In(Sight) Report, have shown a few positive insights:

  • 54% of employees believe they could save 240 hours annually through automation

  • 61% of business leaders believe that automation can be very easily utilized in their industry and jobs within their industry in the next 12 months

  • 41% of business leaders are currently using workforce automation technology

At Optemization, we provide our clients with customized solutions to automate their business processes and improve their overall efficiency. Here are a few benefits we have found over the years.

Optimize your team’s jobs

By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, startups can allow employees to concentrate on tasks that require human skills. This can lead to a more content and productive workforce and more effective utilization of their abilities. In addition, automating these tasks can enhance overall productivity and profitability by making better use of human resources.

Example: Automating your weekly meetings and reminders

At Optemization, we utilize Zapier to generate our weekly meeting announcements and agenda page in Notion. This approach enables the team member in charge of the meeting to concentrate solely on populating the agenda within our standardized framework. By automating this process, we're able to save time and effort while ensuring consistency and streamlining our workflow.

A slack message that announces the weekly meeting.
As well as automating our a reminder for our team to fill out a meeting survey in Slack.

A slack message to encourage the team to fill in the meeting survey.

Meeting agenda in Notion

Free up your team’s time

One of the common complaints employees voice is that there are simply not enough hours in a day to complete all their work, from filling out reports to answering the same questions from clients and assigning tasks to other teammates. Your employees might be overworked, leading to burnout. By automating the simpler tasks, you can free up your team's time to concentrate on what machines cannot do, such as brainstorming, delivering customer service, and attracting new clients to your business. In addition, automating tasks can reduce the need for more employees, improving your bottom line.

Example: Automating tasks announcements and reminders

At Optemization, we streamline task management by utilizing Zapier, Slack, and Notion to establish notifications whenever teammates assign tasks to one another and reminders if the tasks remain incomplete after one week. This efficient system helps project leaders save time by eliminating the need for follow-ups with team members.

Standardize operations

Mistakes can be expensive, both in terms of time and resources, not to mention the cost of having to redo the work. However, automating processes can help address this issue. Creating automations with standardized frameworks can improve the overall quality and accuracy of everyone's work.

Example: Automating your sales pipeline

We helped our client, Metalab, with their sales pipeline to eliminate as much human error as possible and improve efficiency across the team by merging and syncing data from seven crucial business applications, including Notion, Slack, Airtable, Copper, Smartsheet, Google Drive, and Zapier. We also created and documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) in each phase of the sales pipeline to ensure that the automation process was captured and transferred to their team to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Reduce human error

Regardless of the level of experience of your team, mistakes are inevitable as they are a natural aspect of being human. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the possibility of things going awry, it's more beneficial to contemplate automating tasks that are too crucial to risk going wrong, such as fulfilling customer requests and orders, data entry and processing, accounting and finance, and inventory management, to name a few.


At Optemization, we have fully automated our sales pipeline using Zapier, SavvyCal, and Notion. These tools make our sales process as smooth as possible so we can focus on closing leads. We do this by linking SavvyCal, our scheduling app, to our Slack "sales" channel and then to our CRM database in Notion.

We believe that automation is the way forward; that's why we work with our clients and encourage them to automate as much as possible, helping them save time and money in the long run and create happier, more fulfilled teams in the process.

Are you interested in incorporating automation into your business?

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