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My name is Tem, and I run a digital ops agency called Optemization. You’re getting this email because at some point since March 4th 2020, you for some reason decided it’d be a good idea to subscribe to this wonderful “upcoming” newsletter called Automagic… or you subscribed on optemization.com. Automagic hasn’t formally shipped, and will not, ever. But it has left its Product Hunt Ship cocoon and became this. That's a Substack called Digital Opssessions.


We spend most of our days on computers and phones — might as well learn how to use them really well.

Especially since we’re all going to be remote, probably forever. So this newsletter will show you how to do this through guides, courses, and videos.



Designing the best processes and systems for our digital spaces is freakin’ hard. Not only does it take a long time to settle on the right software — everything changes all the time. More data, new tools, new features, and unforeseen limitations demand constant adjustment. Who on Earth has the time to keep up?


I’m obsessed with operations — not even just in the business context but more in the “figuring out how things and groups of things work, and how can it be done better” one. Odd, right? I don’t know, I’m just inexplicably drawn to this stuff.

It just happens to be that for the past five years, I channeled this obsession into mastering digital organization and productivity software. It all started with good ol’ Excel and over the years I worked through Drive, Trello, Asana, Evernote, Things, Sunsama, Flow, Airtable, and Todoist (in that order).

To no avail. Every tool was unsatisfactory. Until I found Notion. For me, it’s the all-in-one-everything software, and I actually love it. In the coming posts, we’ll explore why it works for me — and how it can work for you.


My ambition for Optemization is to become a kickass media company focused on DOPE content. "DOPE" being “digital operations and productivity education”. Tell me now if it sucks. I just wanted to come up with a fun acronym.

Anyway, Digital Opsessions will play a big role. In the beginning, I’ll focus on designing digital operating systems without code. Hopefully, these will let people free up more time and allow for deeper focus on things that are more fun or important.

To get a taste of the sweet, sweet content go here: https://optemization.com/newsletter. I’ll be reposting these later. Also, I will be concurrently running a newsletter about the BTS of Optemization (the company) but that's another story for another time.


The first new project I want to work on is a life operating system in Notion. I want to share posts, videos and templates on how to create one. I'll create a super easy to use dashboard, where I can track and draw insights from:

  1. My reflections and thoughts
  2. Meetings with friends, colleagues and clients
  3. Food eaten (no calories, just a simple listing)
  4. Exercise (tracked with apple watch)
  5. Media consumed (mostly film and books)
  6. Rewards for myself (snacks and substances)
  7. Strain, recovery, sleep data from Whoop
  8. Weight and body fat from Withings
  9. Any negative health symptoms

I have an analogous system set up for Optemization. It stores company-wide:

  1. Notes
  2. Tasks
  3. Projects
  4. Contacts
  5. Companies
  6. Writing
  7. Timelines
  8. Our websites
  9. Decisions

and looks like this (prepare to be overwhelmed):


So yeah, adapting this strategy to a personal space is going to be interesting, fun and likely useful!

At this point, you probably decided if you’re vibing with this content or nah. If you are, share with a friend!

Let’s go — Tem (@optemization)


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