HiveMind: The single source of truth for all of your knowledge management in Notion


It is essential that teams who use Notion have a single and organized workspace to clarify knowledge, capture ideas and organize thoughts. However, there is a problem: implementing the perfect workspace by yourself is a difficult, time-consuming, and complicated effort. We get it, this is massively frustrating. You need to become productive. You need to ship deliverables. And so you continue to let that sidebar become longer, your notes become a little bit more disorganized, and eventually, you find yourself with a workspace that is completely scattered and unenjoyable to use. You and your team deserve better.

We understand this challenge, we’ve worked with a ton of companies who face the same problem - from small teams to large organizations. We decided to take action and democratize our learnings. We’re therefore proud to distill all of our experience and knowledge into one, single solution:

HiveMind is our single greatest attempt to implement our best practices around knowledge management into a single, powerful template. It’s the result of years of experience, late-night discussions and debates, and straight-up hard work.

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