Digital Opsessions Issue #12

Subject: The secret weapon that modern distributed teams use to share knowledge at scale

Preview: An out-of-the-box knowledge management solution for teams and individuals that need something powerful, simple, and agile.

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HiveMind Story

Hi, hello! Welcome back 👋 

If you’ve been reading our emails the past couple weeks, then you’re most likely aware of our new Notion template — HiveMind. What you may not be aware of is how this template came to bee 🐝(pun intended!)

Challenge: Sharing knowledge across a distributed team

Optemization was founded and built on a need for digital operations. It was born in March 2020 and grew from 1 to 13 by the end of 2021. Our team is spread across multiple time zones and work mostly asynchronously.

This immediately led to a problem – sharing knowledge. How would we gather, distill, and create knowledge in a way that it would not only be accessible by our team but scale infinitely?

We decided to use atomic note-taking as a foundation for our knowledge management.

What is atomic note taking?

Small, hyper-focused files that can be linked and built upon. This is not a new idea but has been extremely hard to do at scale, within a team, until the inception of modern tools.

This idea was originally created by Niklas Luhmann and deployed via his Zettelkasten method. His method was using thousands of slips of paper with details about a single idea on each. He then used reference IDs to link each note. While this analog method worked well for him, it is clunky and slow and does not scale for digital teams.

Solution: Modernizing classic concepts for the needs of today’s teams

We took this concept and augmented it with Notion, while also removing some of the rigidity of Zettelkasten. We mix up a lot of concepts, including the popular PARA method. It has gone through multiple internal variations. We have since deployed it to clients who have used it at scale. While we are still building bespoke solutions for clients, we also found a need to create an out-of-the-box solution for teams and individuals that need something powerful, simple, and agile. This is the HiveMind. A collective consciousness built upon atomic files. Start small and scale.

Shout Out

Ben Lang’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of fourteen when he started an eBay page to help people sell their unused items and collections. His career continued to gain momentum when he began building websites and writing articles for sites like Business Insider. Nowadays, Ben is the Head of Community at Notion, an angel investor, and a famous hunter at ProductHunt. He’s only an email away, ready to guide and help the Notion community.

Weekly Finds

Create beautiful presentations out of your Notion documents with Snackthis in only one click!

Bring color and animated text to your Notion page with animated type and colorful backgrounds. All you have to do is paste your Notion public page URL on Snakthis and beautify it! Each new heading in your Notion document starts a new slide.

Have fun!

Weekly Quote

Knowledge management will never work until corporations realize it's not about how you capture knowledge but how you create and leverage it.

-Etienne Wenger, Educational Theorist

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