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woke up to 2000 followers LEEEESSS GO! took xyz months to get to 1k and xyz to this milestone πŸ—Ώ stats since i started taking the twitter game seriously:
lucky to get 2k followers on the heels of thrilling excitement around the NotionHQ API, so i wanna give back to the #productivity peeps and community that made m content relevant ... a Notion Personal Pro Giveaway! details threaded πŸ‘‡
for every 500th follower increment, i'll comp a Personal Pro NotionHQ plan for THREE YEARS ($150), so the lucky winner can enjoy the API (and other stuff) for freeeeee! to enter, RT + like any current or future tweet in this thread πŸ”
RT + like is ONE point and the winner is the one with the most points (shocker), get an extra point by: - following me - tagging a friend - quote RTing I've got Zapier calc'ing the points πŸ€“ First winner will be announced at 2500!
here are the benefits of a NotionHQ Pro Plan btw:
this is not a NotionHQ contest, it's an contest ! rules: - comp applies for one workspace in one account - you can only win once - i'm comping with a digital payment card

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