Task Management

Task management software assists users and teams in managing individual tasks and organizing a user’s daily workflow. Task management products accomplish this by creating to-do lists that indicate start dates and end dates, outline components for larger tasks, categorize tasks, and separate individual tasks. Individuals typically use task management software to track their progress separate from large team and project goals. These products can be used in virtually any industry that requires individuals to track their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Users usually have the ability to create, update, and edit the tasks assigned to them. Administrators use this type of software to assign tasks and monitor progress.

Task management software is closely related to project management software but differs in scale and scope. Project management software allows users to manage a team of individuals, balance projects, and analyze productivity. Task management software simply outlines individual efforts, breaks down components within a project, determines due dates, and allows for self-management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Task Management category, a product must:

  • Create individual tasks and assign them to employees based on their role
  • Manage interdependencies between tasks based on predefined rules
  • Create start and end dates, which can be adjusted manually or automatically
  • Allow employees to manage their tasks and report on their progress
  • Edit task activity statuses such as open, closed, pending, or on hold
  • Focus on single assignments and collaboration, not entire projects