Product Analytics

Product analytics software provides companies with visibility into their users’ interactions with their product, including visits, events, and interactions. Companies are able to track digital interactions throughout their product to identify what is, and is not, engaging users. These tools provide dashboards and reports that analyze data and make it actionable to improve user experiences.

Primarily used by product managers, developers, and designers, product analytics software enables data-driven decision-making when establishing product developments and roadmaps. Companies can use these products to gain segmented views into their users, understand how people are using their website, identify drop-off or struggle points, and improve overall product experience.

To qualify for inclusion in the Product Analytics category, a product must:

  • Track user interactions with a digital product including visits, usage, events, and interactions
  • Provide dashboards and reports of visualized quantitative data
  • Identify pain points within a product that may lead to churn
  • Identify behavioral patterns and flows through the product