Managing Todos

Each project I’m working on becomes a Project in Things. As new to-dos come up, I’ll add them to the Project they belong to, so I don’t lose track of them. I usually chuck new to-do items into Inbox, while I run my day to day work out of Projects – the list of things I’m currently working on, which you can see just under ‘Trash’ in this screenshot:

Under my active Projects are ‘Areas’, where I keep track of activities that I engage in over time. At one point, I used to keep my various projects under their relevant Areas, but something that Tiago Forte says – which I very much agree with – is that Areas can then become a really long and annoying list. It's much nicer for me to just have the Projects at the top, and then I can reorder them based on their priority, and on how much attention I want to give each one on any given day. As for the individual Areas, for example, under ‘People’ I keep track of friends and their birthdays. ’Writing’ is where I might put an idea for a Tweet. ‘Medicine’ was relevant when I had a job – but not so much since I started my sabbatical! ‘Ingestion’ is where I put the things that I want to read, watch, or listen to – books, podcasts, or documentaries. And ‘Hustle’ is just what I called all business-related stuff – just me being ironic, I guess, considering how much flak ‘toxic hustle’ is getting these days!