I have everything inside of my Todoist: life stuff, work stuff, everything. I’ve used it probably every day since 2007. - A lot of my work is tasks where I have to respond to something in Twist or in email. Some of it is recurring tasks where I have to review things — for example we have what we call “snippets” at Doist where each team posts on a weekly basis what they’re working on. So I have recurring tasks to review those snippets. I even manage my social media posts — I add tweets I want to send as tasks to remind me to do them. - Whenever I add a task into my Todoist I add a project, a date, and a priority to it. Having a date helps me make sure I’m getting things done on time, and adding a priority lets me know whether or not it’s something I absolutely have to get done on a particular day. - One big super hack is I use Todoist for my 1-1s. Each person that I manage I create a shared project for them.