Communication/notification center

My system is incredibly simple. I don’t have a to-do list, other than my inbox.  Almost everything I do in a workday ... happens via email. [Including] financial statements and analytics, communication with our CEOs, all of our deals and M&A — it all flies through my inbox. Superhuman has been both a blessing and curse. It’s a blessing because it lets me get through my inbox without cognitive overload. I didn’t realize how slowly everything had been moving until I started using Superhuman On the flip side, it created some negative behaviors for me at first. I became addicted to the game of getting to inbox zero. So I’ve had to put some guideposts in place to keep me from spending all day in my inbox and achieving nothing other than sending a lot of emails. If somebody makes an email request that I need to say no to, I have a wide variety of response templates in Superhuman that allow me to do it in a nice, polite way.