Should we hire Optemization for a Notion setup?

Should we hire Optemization for a Notion setup?

The situation/context

We'd like to be more organized and productive with your digital work. We're considering hiring an agency called Optemization to build a Notion workspace for us.

The problem statement or frame

We have a few options to consider:

  1. Hire Optemization for a custom build
  2. Purchase an Optemization template
  3. Learn and setup Notion on our own

The variables that govern the situation include

  1. Budget → can we afford this now?
  2. Bandwidth → does the team have enough time to properly approach this?

The complications/complexities as I see them

We've gone through a bunch of tools and the result is always the same: nobody enjoys using them and the data gets outdated. Besides, files and important info keep getting lost. Will the same thing happen with Notion?

Alternatives that were seriously considered and not chosen were

  1. Purchase an Optemization template
  2. Learn and setup Notion on our own
  3. Try

The range of outcomes

  1. Notion will be successfully implemented and we'll stick to the tool. Most if not all information will be stored here and will be easy to find.
  2. We'll abandon Notion just like the other tools and waste time and money.

What I expect to happen and the actual probabilities are

The first outcome is likely because we're bringing and expert team to assist us with this project.

Extra Prompts

What’s the primary thesis?

What are the second and third-order consequences?

What is the worst-case scenario and why that’s ok?

What is the potential upside beyond core thesis?

What emotions am I experiencing?

What is the opportunity cost

(by doing this what am I not doing)

What unique advantages or insights do I have in this situation?

Who is the best person to make this decision?

What does this look like in 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years?

What happened and what I learned?

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