Should I productize Optemization?

Should I productize Optemization?

The situation/context

I've been running Optemization as a client services company for seven months. I want to figure out how to productize the service into various DIY or off-the-shelf products. I should be "building once, selling twice"

The problem statement or frame

Client services is the hight end distribution of the value we provide as a digital operations agency. The whole notion of "productivity consulting" is rather new (or is it about framing), so the clientele volume is not big enough for me. I want to be making more faster.

Beyond that my vision is to build a big media company, not just a consultancy. To that end I should be expanding our offerings into templates, courses, community cohorts and consistent content, where all of these pieces interact with each other.

The variables that govern the situation include

  • Rapidly increasing Notion user base. It will only be increasing from this point on.
  • Growing monetization potential around Notion. Some well-known creators and Notion consultants are bringing a lot of income with diversified content types. More
  • Notion coming up with new features that introduce new use cases and new monetization opportunities. Especially recurring.

The complications/complexities as I see them

  • I don't have much experience with productization
  • I lack a personal/corporate brand.
  • I don't know how to figure out pricing. On @June 2, 2020 I published a template with a high premium price and got very few inputs.

Alternatives that were seriously considered and not chosen were

  • Focus on client services and develop a much stronger salesforce
  • Focus on buidling SaaS products related to productivity/Notion

The range of outcomes

  1. Successful productization: new income source and new offerings appealing to lower end of the market
  2. Unsuccessful: loss of focus, time and resources .

What is the opportunity cost

(by doing this what am I not doing)

I'm risking getting stuck in "hunting my game" and just

What I expect to happen and the actual probabilities are

I think #1 is highly likely to happen because I see a lot of other creators and companies succeed with this strategy. I just need to figure out how to balance clients' work with this and, at least preserve cash flow.

What happened and what I learned?

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