Optemization Website Outline

Optemization Website Outline

Shared @June 4, 2020

I first shared my agency/consulting website built entirely in Notion two months ago. My goal is client acquisition and it miserably failed at that — despite 5k visits, I got only two inquiries and none closed. My copywriting was the biggest problem but the page itself was a mess.

Yesterday, I revamped with a fresh coat of blocks. Here's a breakdown of the more interesting sections:

Above the fold: I decided to remove the cover and emoji pages to make it look and feel more professional. After the title and illustration, there's an H1 block for the main value proposition and text block for a short explanation. Columnized callout plus text blocks serve as buttons. They lead to a separate page on the footer to avoid having the pages open in a new window.

Client Services: image plus two text blocks columnized.

Work Process: image pus two text blocks columnized and vertically stacked. Make sure you have a regular width space between each row so that it looks properly on mobile.

Let's Talk Shop: Paperform.co embed with conditional separators to make sure that the content fits in the embed window without needing the end user to scroll.

Stay in the loop: Chillipepper.io form columnized with and H2 text

Main Footer: Specifically Notion pages to avoid having links open in a new window.

Sub Footer: I used a global/synced block to make sure that the "Back to optemization.com" callout block and text block with page links stays the same across each subpage.

Finally, here are the other tools I'm using:

I do have affiliate links for Super and Paperform, so if you're thinking of trying those out, I would appreciate you letting me know 🙌


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