Notion Freelancers Dashboard (2.0)

Notion Freelancers Dashboard (2.0)

Shared @June 15, 2020

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  1. Text block with text link to blocks below
  2. Three column setup with Tasks database in list views filtered by priority → completion, then by status ex "🚨Today", then by due date
  3. Tasks database in calendar view to make sure I don't have too much todo on any given day
  4. Calendar database in calendar view of everything that's not a meeting: project deliverables, internal achievements and events.
  5. Projects database in table view filtered for client projects
  6. Projects database in table view filtered for internal projects
  7. Projects database in board view filtered for potential clients in the sales pipeline
  8. Three column setup with Calendar database in list views filtered of all the meetings filtered and sorted by date
  9. Projects database in list view filtered for "idea" stage sorted by created date
  10. Tasks database in list view filtered for records that don't have due date assigned

🎟️ Catch me at Notion Office Hours

So happy to say that I'll have the opportunity to go over this dashboard and respective databases with Marie on this week's office hours. I will have couple exciting Notion thingies to announce! Sign up below to join :)


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