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Introducing Entrepreneur OS — a labor of love for business productivity and Notion

Shared: @November 27, 2020

Hi! so our first ever real product — Entrepreneur OS —  is live on Product Hunt. It’s our true labor of love for productivity and Notion, so please upvote on Product Hunt :)

Me and Val were building this all night and fell behind 11 hours to publish the content, so your support there would be really really meaningful! But now, allow me to introduce you to something cool 👇

Meet Entrepreneur OS 👋

A powerful Notion workspace template to organize all your work in one place.


In total there more than a hundred components created to help with:

  • Flattening the digital productivity learning curve
  • Organizing business information efficiently
  • Thinking clearer, plan better, and focus faster
  • Becoming better entrepreneurs and creators

Find relevant information, fast

The workspace is organized into minimalist dynamic dashboards by time and business function.


Time period dashboards allow you to visualize and review the relevant tasks, meetings, and records today, this week, this month, and this year.


Business information is organized into five functions:

  1. Internal operations
  2. Client services
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Business Development

Each function captures relevant projects with modules like CRMs or content calendars.

Every use case imaginable covered

The workspace is packed with 53 templates complete with client proposals and hubs for internal work. Track meetings, make decisions, plan for the future — and 46 others.


And if you want to go beyond the prepackaged dashboards, we’ve built a magnificent library of 100+ components using which you can assemble your very own perfect dashboard.


See it in action 👀

Buy Now 🎁

Use code GRACIAS at checkout for $27 OFF :)

Alright! That’s enough salesmanship from me. This has entirely consumed me for the past few days and I’m quite happy to have shipped. My teammate Val and I are coming from an all-nighter, so I’m wishing you an awesome weekend and talk soon 👋



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