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Founded in 2018

Sora is a progressive private high school where students design their own education. Meeting with counselors and faculty, students learn about themselves, explore their interests, and work on projects on whatever topic they choose. With our unique, research-backed model, Sora is an equitable environment for students of all backgrounds to pursue and achieve anything. We instill creativity, independence and grit.

Unlike traditional schools, learning isn’t only defined by reading textbooks and taking tests. A student interested in journalism can intern at a local paper, start her own blog, take writing classes, write a paper on the importance of a free press, and anything else that could be relevant to the subject. If they don’t have any particularly strong interests, parents don’t need to worry--students will be continuously exposed to new opportunities, fields, and career paths through staff, field trips, speakers, classes, and projects.

Ultimately, our vision is to be the platform for education and bring out the potential in every child in the world.

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