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Supercharge biz productivity without code

I consult startups on no-code organization and automation tools, so you can skip the frustrating spreadsheet meddling and file digging to get to the work that actually matters.

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Aloha, I'm Temirlan 👋

Op-tem-ization...ha get it?

Over a five year career in #nocode, I mastered the best productivity tools. Now, I enjoy helping busy executives build organization systems and habits to free up more time and focus for getting important sh*t done.

Airtable Bases • Notion Workspaces • Zapier Automations • More

Client Services 🎯


Creating a company-wide knowledge base in Notion for Koffie Labs


Building an no-code email referral system with Zapier for Next Gen HQ


Syncing customer data sources with Parabola for Otis.ai

Client Experience ✒️


Work Process 🔎


I study your workflows

To select the tools that match your working style


I build your project

While documenting and explaining the process


I train you and your team

To ease adoption of new tools

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I also write a newsletter featuring behind the scenes of building Optemization, case studies and occasional automation, no-code and digital productivity guides.

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